While our way of living, working and even consuming have been turned upside down by the global health crisis, it is the whole of society that has had to find new resources and solutions and develop new habits, adapted to new constraints and opportunities. Homeworking especially has increased and with it different management and organizational practices impacting the whole world of work.


The question today is: how can we help employers, after months of work from home, make the physical return to the office work for their businesses? And how can we help employees want to go back to the office? ICN has its answer in “Printzipal“, a new office building designed to help people leave their home office habits behind… and welcome them back to work!


Focus on the occupants’ well-being


If home working has become a massive part of our new work habits – and may still mean that some employees telework at least a few days a month – most professionals are ready to physically return to the office. However, most now view their workspaces differently, with more emphasis for comfort, quality, work-life balance and of course concerns about health and well-being. Such is the ambition of Printzipal: the entire office environment can be rethought to better meet our shared expectations for our workspaces, putting people are at the heart of the matter. Printizipal, scheduled to be delivered in spring 2023, has been developed by ICN and is currently marketed by INOWAI.
“Our experience with homeworking over the past 18 months will lead to a reduction in the quantity of space companies occupy. But the quality of workspaces is changing too, as we recognise that companies will focus on buildings that offer shared spaces for new forms of individual and collaborative working, for a change of scene, for socializing. These two trends are brought together in our Printzipal concept,” says Chris Lee, Head of Projects Luxembourg at ICN.
The building includes a fully equipped workout room, an auditorium space, a coffee corner, a work-garden and a panoramic roof top, and will offer its occupants a unique working experience.


The design focuses first and foremost on its users’ well-being, as shown by its WELL Gold certification.
The shared spaces not only promote exchanges and interactions, but also contribute to the quality of the workplace experience of staff, factors that contribute not only to staff-members’ daily effort in the workplace but also to their commitment long-term to their jobs, and will make this building a lively, dynamic, and resolutely different place to work.
A disruptive concept, both in its services and in its approach, focusing on sustainable development and eco-responsible construction, crowned by the European BREEAM Excellent label, also attest to a building with high energy performance that limits its environmental impact.


Next generation offices


The design and timeless architecture of Printzipal make it a noted building in the skyline of the Cloche d’Or in Luxembourg.
Its 48 parking spaces, some equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles, Umify electric cars and e-bikes, are all part of the innovative, integrated and shared mobility solutions promoted by ICN across its projects.
Outdoors, 550 square meters of designer landscaped outdoor gardens and are designed as work spaces but can be used as relaxing and healthy bubbles for occupants and visitors alike.


Inside, comfort is combined with prestige to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. The green wall, the auditorium and the majestic staircase dominating the lobby underline that this is a high-end building, with refined finishing touches. This beautiful atmosphere is reflected in the office spaces, as both functional and flexible, and in the common areas, generous and easy to maintain. Printzipal has been designed for a single occupant or to meet needs of multiple occupants.


Ideally located in the dynamic, rapidly changing Cloche d’Or district, the building offers an optimal location and accessibility, close to the main motorways, the airport and the Kockelscheuer Park and Ride parking.

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