The art of reshaping the way we live and work

We have been reimagining spaces of togetherness and dedicating our resources to a better tomorrow for 35 years. Our real estate projects are about more than just square meters. We focus on the quality of living and working places and the well-being of end-users.

ICN's groundbreaking team

ICN's growth and evolution are the result of the vision of two ambitious brothers, Nik and Jan Coenegrachts. The seeds were sown in 1984, when father Armand Coenegrachts founded the Real Estate agency Immo Noord in northern Belgium. Behind every project is a group of hard-working, passionate people. Their mix of expertise and personalities help us handle every step of a project's lifecycle in a creative and collaborative way.

Patrick Jabre

Portfolio Manager Capital Markets

Jean-Denis Rischard

Board Member

Alain Emering

Board Member

Alexander Mertens

Board Member

Hélène Pinot

Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Dominique Fonck

HR Business Partner Luxembourg

Pamela Chami

Project Manager Interior

Femke Coopman

Office Assistant

Hélène Schorr

Funding Manager

Tim De Cort

Project Manager

Laurent Jacquemart

External advisor

Patrice Bless

Project Manager

Romain Miette

Capital Markets Administrator

Kathleen Van den Meersche

HR Manager

Guillaine Matter

Corporate Branding and Communication Manager

Peter Van Praet

Accountant and Admin. Assistant

Robin Goris

Junior Accountant

Marijke Backx

Senior Accountant

Inge Symons

Finance Manager

Anthony De Blasi

Financial Director

Nele Vermeiren

Property Manager

Judith Vermonden

Sales Manager

Laura Rokaite

Project Manager NL

Michael Terriere

Project Manager

Margot Budts

Project Manager

Karolien Huybrechts

Project Manager

Brita Van Rossum

Head of Development Belgium

Ophélie Plocus

Office Manager

Olivia Burg

Sales Manager

Catherine Chianetta

Project Manager

Ana Bär

Project Manager

Franck Lelièvre

Project Manager

Leticia Olalquiaga

Project Manager

Raul Nicu

Project Manager

Chris Lee

Head of Development Lux

Victor De Bie

Junior Bus. Dev. Manager

Guy Mertens

Head of Concept & Design

Liesbet Janssens

Commercial Development Manager

Nic Vervoort

Financial Development Manager

Jan Schrijver

Technical Assistant

Riet D'Handschotter

Executive Management Assistant

Mohad Aharrar

Technical Assistant

Barbara Millo

Corporate Officer

Jan Coenegrachts


Nik Coenegrachts


We are P.R.O.F.S.

Our values are the driving force of our daily lives. Because everything we do is geared towards the future, we embody our values with consistency and conviction every single day. We carefully choose to work, partner and invest with people and companies who share our vision and values.


Our trade is our passion – and we share that with our clients, investors and partners. We enable people to get the most out of themselves. We continually give them energy and push on till the end.


We focus on results. We commit fully and don’t let go. We go hard from start to finish with a clear goal in mind. That’s how we get things done!


We come up with out of the box ideas at the right time. We explore every angle to make sure we’ve covered all the options. We challenge everyone to step out of their comfort zone. We have the courage to do what it takes and reach our goals.


We look beyond tomorrow and the day after. Our locations and projects are all fully future-proof. We consciously choose to work on projects that provide added value in the long run.


Unity makes strength. We’re committed to our complementary role. We challenge and inspire each other. Everyone is free to take responsibility. Respect is crucial in our way of working together. We celebrate our successes together.

We want more than sustainability

Our DNA inspires us to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s society. We care. That is why we develop projects with a strong focus on environmental and social responsibility and innovation. Our projects provide added value in the long term and comply with the highest standards of the real estate industry. We want to do more than just participate in sustaining our environment: we want to improve it.


At ICN, we want to shape the world of tomorrow, through highly sustainable, integrated, innovative and quality projects to meet the long-term needs of cities, investors, customers and occupants. EU state members agreed to be carbon neutral by 2050 and we are committed to participating in fulfilling this universal objective across all industries. Because we are future proof, we integrate sustainability in all our projects taking into consideration the social impact they have. Rethinking socialisation spaces, facilitating mobility and increasing eco-friendly projects around the world are part of our ESG goals and mindset.


4 pillars:

  • High sustainability standards for our buildings
  • A commitment to our social responsibility to make people places with added environmental value
  • Innovation
  • Quality

Invest in the future of real estate

We foresee limitless possibilities for the future of real estate. We want to innovate and find solutions that change the rules of how we live and work in urban areas Europewide. We have been developing and building innovative living and working spaces for 35 years. Our capital markets team and our core identity values have made our reputation as a reliable investment partner.

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