On the 18th of December 2017, ICN Development became the official owner of the Printz building, located in Cloche d’Or. Printz was founded more than 140 years ago and the know-how aquired since then has made Printz one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

“From a hardware store to a splendid office building.”

The old Printz building will be replaced by a new ICN Development project. In collaboration with M3 architects, ICN has decided to give this place a new identity. Construction is scheduled to begin in September 2018. Behind the attractive façade, with its large glazed surfaces, one can find a comfortable office setting of approximately 5.400 m². All of Luxembourg City’s facilities are within easy reach, with good access to the highway, allowing you to quickly reach Germany, Belgium and France. To complete the project, the building will not only consist of office space, but will also offer an auditorium that can accommodate events of all kinds. A beautiful area, which can accommodate bike slots, will also be built in front of the building.