In 2019, an important page will turn for INOWAI. The company will move its’ office from the ‘rue de Merl’ and its’ agency on ‘rue Philippe II’, into a combined space on the ‘Route d’Esch’. This new address will offer more comfort and more visibility, important for all of their businesses. After several months of research, INOWAI has signed a rental contract, for an area of 1.015 m², within the building acquired by ICN Development. INOWAI Residential, the Marketing Department as well as the reception will occupy the ground floor. The group’s other divisions will be located at level 1, while meeting rooms are planned at the lower level, to serve the customers and the employees as best possible.

“ICN has chosen to give Fifty Two a complete facelift”

ING’s former headquarters, located at number 52 on the “Route d’Esch”, will make room for the Fifty Two project and will be transformed into a beautifully renovated modern office complex. Like previous, high-quality projects, ICN Development has chosen to give this building a total facelift, in collaboration with EGB Interior Design, Drees and Sommer and M3 architects. Currently, the office space from the 2nd to the 7th floor is still available for rent. The surfaces can be divided and can accommodate one or two tenants per level.