Icn Synergy re s.c.a, sicav-raif announces the issuance of eur 7,500,000 6% Synergy notes due 1 december 2025

30th September 2021, LUXEMBOURG – ICN Synergy RE S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF, acting on behalf of its sub-fund, ICN Synergy RE I (the “Issuer”), announces the issuance by it of EUR 7,500,000 at 6.00 per cent. Synergy 3.2 Notes due 1 December 2025 (the “Notes”). The Notes are fungible with the existing 6.00 per cent. Notes due 1 December 2025 that were issued earlier.


The principal amount of the Notes are for the time being held by the Issuer with a view to place such amount soon with third party investors. The Issuer currently (excluding the Notes issued today) holds EUR 1,675,000 in principal amount of the Synergy 3.1 Notes and EUR 1,800,000 in principal amount of the Synergy 3.2 Notes. By holding directly a limited stock of available Notes, ICN Synergy RE I wants to give the possibility to its investors to acquire the Notes immediately at the Stock Exchange and to secure that way automatized and smooth transactions.


Investments in securities issued by ICN Synergy RE S.C.A. (acting on behalf of its SubFund ICN Synergy RE I) are restricted to well-informed investors within the meaning of article 2 of the Luxembourg law dated 23 July 2016 relating to reserved alternative investment funds, as may be amended or supplemented from time to time. Investing in securities involves risks. Depending on the type of investment, please consult the applicable private placement memorandum and/or prospectus, and in particular the risk factors set out therein, prior to making any investment.


Contacts :
Investor Relations
Alexander Mertens
ICN Synergy GP Sàrl

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