In 2020, a page will turn for the Belgian office of ICN Development and Era Immo Noord, the real estate partner of ICN. Their activities will be centralised in the buildings that were previously owned by VITO. On the 9th of February, the agreement was signed and ICN Development is now officially the new owner of the characteristic building on the corner of ‘Vrijheid’ and ‘Karel Boomstraat’ in Hoogstraten.

<< ICN Development is centralising all of its knowledge of project development and real estate. >>

Era Immo Noord – the Belgian real estate partner of ICN Development – and active since 1984, has become an established value in the Northern region of Antwerp. What initially started with an office in Minderhout, has now grown into a local network of several offices in Hoogstraten, Minderhout, Rijkevorsel, Brecht, St. Lenaarts, Beerse and St. Antonius-Zoersel. Immo Noord recently opened a new office in Brasschaat. ICN Development, currently operating from the office buildings behind ‘Carrefour’ in Hoogstraten and Era Immo Noord, whose head-office is located next to the town hall in Hoogstraten, will meet in this building. All knowledge about project development and 34 years of experience in real estate are going to be centralised in one place, in the heart of Hoogstraten.

As a project developer and a real estate broker, both companies are extremely satisfied with the location, which will be fully used, in consultation with the architect. The character and the architecture will be retained. The architect is asked to preserve the authenticity of the building and to create a light, open and pleasant workspace for the more than 30 employees. The almost 2.000 sqm building will be divided into different parts. More than half of this area will be occupied by the offices of ICN and Era Immo Noord. There will be a spacious, open reception area, several offices spaces and in addition sufficient space to be able to help the customer in a pleasant way.

ICN Development is currently working on the development of a master plan. A volume study is made to see how the spaces can be used as optimally as possible. The remaining 1.000 sqm will be leased for flexible offices or liberal professions.