The “downtown suburb” Pfaffenthal is becoming the new go-to historical center, thanks to the impressive one-of-a-kind panoramic elevator which connects this relaxed district with the active City center. Both are now no more than 5 minutes’ walk from each other. Moreover, a state-of-the-art funicular links Pfaffenthal with the national railway network, the tram and the modern Kirchberg Business district.

ICN is planning one of the first “car-free” projects in Luxembourg (except for one or two shared vehicles), a contemporary hipster style of living on the banks of the Alzette, mixing traditional Luxembourg architecture with modern design, district living with stunning views of the historic city. The blueprints are currently awaiting approval by the local authorities; they depict a well-balanced combination of apartments and lofts for local families.


Residential 17
Architect Fabeck Architectes
Gross Buildable SQM 2,1
Location Pfaffenthal, City of Luxembourg
Status Under development
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Floor plans

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Floor -1 Download
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