ICN stands for exceptional projects at outstanding locations.

ICN Holding, currently active in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, stands for exceptional projects at outstanding locations. ICN bundles over 25 years of real estate development and investment in both countries. The company focuses on discovering unique opportunities and turning them into proper value. ICN’s unique skills and structure allow it to find hidden gems for both end-users and investors. With over 45 staff members, ICN wants to be a reliable real estate partner and therefore meet the customers’ needs perfectly. We want to fully invest all of our knowledge, experience and resources in developing projects, to find an ideal balance between quality and price. Thanks to the diversity of experience, we are able to operate in various sectors, such as retail, office, residential and housing plots. The two main companies within the ICN group are ICN Development, active in real estate development in Belgium and Luxembourg and ICN Securitization, offering investment opportunities in projects developed by ICN Development.

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